Single – Remote Usability Tests for Your Site

TryMyUI allows you to see how a user interacts with a specific website while trying to perform a series of steps specified by you.

You don’t need a site to try the service, you can attempt to do it on other people’s sites or on your competition! For each test you get to see what the other person thought, typed on their keyboard and where they moved the mouse, and you pay $35 per each video result that you get.

The site has been around for about 18 months and it has a couple thousands unique visitors monthly according to Compete. The trend is pretty volative but overall is going upwards, I hope they’re using their own service to find issues with their site and address them – it would be a shame if they weren’t using themselves to improve.

For webmasters and site creators, this is an awesome tool. Sometimes we lose focus on a project – because we’ve worked on it for so long, we don’t realize how it looks like to a random person that doesn’t know anything about it. I recommend to every webmaster to do one of these tests at least monthly, it can really be an eye-opener when it comes to user behaviour and how the world perceives a given site. – Bug Tracking Made Easy

BugRocket is a simple issue tracking system designed for small teams. Built upon the idea that too many features can sometimes stand in the way, Bugrocket aims to simplify bug management and to keep things easy to use.

The bugs are organized into lists, and lists are grouped into individual projects. Each bug has one out of 4 possible states (triage, assigned, QA or closed) and it can be tagged with free-form words for easier retrieval.

The app gives to each client a personal subdomain where his bugs are being tracked. The first 30 days are free; beyond that the app costs $20 / month, with unlimited users, unlimited projects and 25 GB storage space. More comments on the pricing model are available in a HackerNews discussion thread.

The friendly name of the domain correlates well with the actual rocket that appears as part of the website design. This contributes to the site friendliness; part of the reason Bugrocket makes itself noticed is due to the simplicity of the interface – let’s hope it’s a thing they manage to keep as the project moves forward.

Single – Time Tracker With Integrated Invoices is an online time tracker webapp that allows anyone to keep track of the hours worked for different clients and, based on this information, to generate invoices for them.

The app supports a freemium model for up to 3 users; it charges $3.99 per user per month for companies having more than 3 employees.

For Windows and Macs, they offer a standalone executable called PaymoPlus which provides native desktop integration for those operating systems.

With more than 1’000 followers on Twitter and with approximatively 10’000 unique visitors monthly as shown by Compete, Paymo seems to have found early adopters and the initial traction required in order to get valuable feedback on their app. As they continue to develop their product I’m excited to see where they’re headed next.

Single – Complete Project Management App


Projecturf offers a complete web-based project management app, collaboration and task management software.

The beautiful design is the first thing that pops up when one starts looking at their site. It’s done by Rareview, an award winning design agency, who managed to combine perfection and getting things done into a really awesome and practical design.

Projecturf has tons of features, specified on their presentational pages in more detail. The last update on their site is from February 2011, where they announce a bunch of new things, amongs which we find integration with the Dropbox cloud-based storage. shows their traffic revolving around 1K monthly, but I really hope those guys are more popular outside US or that they’ll soon manage to spike their traffic according to the quality of their software. Keep up the good work, guys!

Projecturf 3.0 from Projecturf on Vimeo.

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