Dropbox: Share your files across devices

Share files across your devices Dropbox is a synchronization system available for free for up to 2 GB of disk space which enables you to keep important files synchronized across all your devices, such as PCs or mobile phones. By referring friends to the service, users can gain additional disk space up to a total of 16 GB. A paid subscription starts at 100 GB storage space for $9.99/month.

Dropbox was founded in 2007 by Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi. Their current traffic levels revolve around 3 million unique monthly visitors.

Drew and Arash relocated in San Francisco in fall 2007 and secured seed funding from Y Combinator. In fall 2008, Sequoia Capital and Accel Partners invested $6M Series A funding in the project.

In an Youtube video recorded May 30, 2012 at Stanford, Drew shares his views on how to build a successful service startup, the importance of figuring out distribution, why hiring great people matters and how to keep the product simple and usable.

Socialcam – Share Mobile Videos With Friends


Socialcam is a mobile app available on both iPhone and Android which allows users to record videos from their mobile phones and then tag, upload and share them with the world at large (as well as browse, comment and like videos from their friends).

Socialcam was created by the Justin.tv team, which proved immensely useful to them in terms of expertise, reputation and infrastructure. Work on the site began in 2010 and it launched officially at the beginning of 2011. Until now it enjoys tens of thousands of users on a monthly basis.

The app can be installed for free from both the iTunes and the Android markets, where it enjoys a 4-star average rating (out of a maximum of 5). The app had 1 million downloads in its first four months, and one third of the users who have signed up for the service have also created at least one video in their account.

In October 2011 the company announced the addition of video filters to its list of features. The list of available filters includes Bohemian, Noir, Sepia and Rouge, along with experimental filters like Electronica, Acid and Foil. The company also announced that it reached over 2 million total downloads, which puts it in a great position for further growth in the near future as it continues to develop the app.

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