New Relic – Webapp Performance Management

New Relic is an application performance management solution, implemented as SaaS (software as a service); it is able to monitor applications that are running in cloud, on-premise, or in hybrid environments, by measuring the right performance metrics and identifying the slow-performing components.

New Relic is a company based in San Francisco, California. Lew Cirne (known as the inventor of application performance management) founded New Relic in 2008 and currently acts as the company’s CEO.

Since being founded, the company received several rounds of investing, totaling up to date 34.5 million USD. Due to their focus on user acquisition, the company recently experienced a surge in its ability to attract user traffic and is trending towards 1 million unique visitors per month.

New Relic is multi-platform and supports today’s most popular languages and frameworks, including Ruby on Rails, Java, PHP, .net and Python. Besides the free plan, prices start at $24/month/server for an annual commitment or $49 for month-to-month billing.

Symcat – Free Online Diagnostics

Symcat: Possible diseases based on the probabilities of the symptomsSymcat is an online diagnostic tool that, based on a collection of specified symptoms, presents a list of possible diseases (together with their likelihood), .

The site collects information about the user’s symptoms in a comprehensive way; for example, it displays a list of alternative suggestions when a specified symptom is not recognized; it also prompts the user to specify for how long was the symptom previously present. The list of possible diseases is displayed up-front, but it is fine-tuned as the user fills out more details about what he’s experiencing.

The accuracy of possible diseases based on the specified symptoms is what makes this app great. In March 2012, the site was reviewed in LifeHacker, and overall it received a positive review in the articles where it was mentioned.

Symcat was developed by two medical student entrepreneurs from Johns Hopkins, Craig Monsen and David Do. The webapp is currently free of charge, and anyone can use it anonymously.

Leaky – Compare Car Insurance Prices

Leaky - Compare Car Insurance PricesLeaky is a car insurance comparator for the US market (initially they’re starting out with California). As people fill in details about their car and their driving habits, they are able to see in real time how much would insurance cost them at different providers.

In August 2011 the company launched an earlier version of the webapp that used to scrape data from the websites of the insurance companies. They received cease and desist letters and they had to shut down their site 4 days after the launch. Since then, Leaky developed a predictor algorithm based on the public fillings that insurance companies are required to fill periodically. The new model is making predictions that are within 3 percent of the actual prices.

During the process of building the model the Leaky team discovered some interesting trivia facts about insurance costs, such as the fact that a divorce costs the same as getting a hybrid, or that driving with a suspended/revoked license has the same weight as vehicular manslaughter.

Leaky received initial seed funding as part of its participation in the YCombinator program. The company is located in San Francisco, California; it was originally founded in September 2010.

Glassdoor – Find Market Salaries

Glassdoor - Market Salaries Online provides statistics about salary levels for different job titles at popular companies world-wide.

The service is available initially for a limited number of salary queries, after which it requires users to sign up before seeing additional data. Due to this, Glassdoor resembles a wiki where users specify their salary level in order to access statistics about what others declared.

The site can be very useful in salary negotiations as it provides a baseline (based on a given company name, job title and location) that can be used during the interview process with a prospective employer. Its traffic averages around 1 million unique visitors each month.

The company has been established in 2007; a public beta version was launched in June 2008. It is headquartered in Sausalito, California, United States, and it was founded by Richard Barton, Robert Hohman and Tim Besse. Nowadays the Glassdoor team has more than 50 employees. The company previously raised more than $22 million dollars from its founders, Sutter Hill Ventures, Benchmark Capital, and Battery Ventures. – Interactive Periodic Table

PTable - Interactive Periodic Table of Elements offers an interactive, online-based periodic table of elements (also known as the Mendeleev table). The site is accessible without requiring a Flash plugin; it shows comprehensive information about the elements, their isotopes, their orbitals, as well as their state at different temperatures.

The table is one of the most interactive and comprehensive versions that we’ve seen until now on the web, and this fact reflects itself in its traffic. shows that the site managed to consistently attract at least 100’000 monthly unique visitors in the last year.

The service is ad-supported but free of charge. All the features are available to regular users without requiring any sort of sign-up or any form of payment.

The table has been created by Michael Dayah from Knoxville, Tennessee, United States. The site has a long history behind it; the first version appeared in 1997, one year before Google. However the first version was pretty much a static page; as the web evolved, additional features got added to the page. Interactivity was radically enhanced throughout the summer of 2007 and improvements continue into the present day.

Matrix by ITA Software – Cheap Online Flights

Matrix - ITA Software

Matrix, an online app produced by ITA Software, is a search tool designed to find specific days within a 30-day window when the most affordable airplane tickets for a specific destination are available. One caveat is that the site currently functions exclusively as a search tool – in order to purchase the tickets, users must write down the dates and then go to a site like Orbitz to make the purchase.

The problem solved by this tool is pretty painful for anybody that has tried in the past to purchase airplane tickets online. Finding the days within a given month when the most convenient flights are available is pretty difficult: most sites only offer a +/- 3 days search option, or they lack the ability to search across the entire spectrum of available tickets.

ITA Software has been developed traditionally as a software vendor providing connectivity services between airlines and ticket selling sites, therefore it has one of the most comprehensive sets of data on airplane tickets and their prices. Powerful algorithms are then able to quickly process this data in order to identify the lowest cost for a given journey in each day of a one-month interval.

Certain scientists from the MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory founded the company in 1996. In January 2006, 10 years after being established, it managed to receive $100 millions in venture capital money. At the beginning of July 2010 the company announced an agreement of being acquired by Google for $700 millions, and almost one year later, on April 2011, the US Department of Justice approved the buyout. Recently the company opened its official blog.

Single – Find the value of any website

Web Worther is a web-based service that tells you how much is a website worth.

The value specified by the site is based on several factors, including estimated traffic, existing links towards the site, estimated advertising revenue that could be gained from the site and performance metrics extracted from the most popular search engines such as PageRank.

The service is free of charge. The value displayed is approximative and has intrinsecly a high variance but it is good as a ball-park approximation metric.

WebWorther displays the most recent 30 entries evaluated on the site as well as the most 30 valuable domains that it found over the service’s lifetime. In the later category we can see entries such as (worth 54 billion dollars) or several yahoo domains with different ending extensions…

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