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Projecturf offers a complete web-based project management app, collaboration and task management software.

The beautiful design is the first thing that pops up when one starts looking at their site. It’s done by Rareview, an award winning design agency, who managed to combine perfection and getting things done into a really awesome and practical design.

Projecturf has tons of features, specified on their presentational pages in more detail. The last update on their site is from February 2011, where they announce a bunch of new things, amongs which we find integration with the Dropbox cloud-based storage. shows their traffic revolving around 1K monthly, but I really hope those guys are more popular outside US or that they’ll soon manage to spike their traffic according to the quality of their software. Keep up the good work, guys!

Projecturf 3.0 from Projecturf on Vimeo.


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