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Less Meeting

LessMeeting offers tools to simplify / improve your meeting process and make it more effective.

The features offered are either web-based or integrated with Outlook and consist in tools aimed at planning, running and following up on the meetings in a better, structured way. A meeting should result in a set of action items that can be followed-up via the LessMeeting interface by the team members which participated in the meeting.

There’s a 30-day free trial; afterwards the service costs $12 per user per month, with discounts available for 10+ users and 100+ respectively.

I was impressed by the site’s usability; in fact, it turns out that the project’s creators paid special attention to keeping their site simple and usable; they wrote a great blog post about this, which you can check here: Lessons Learned For Startup User Signups. If you feel you’re waisting an important amount of time in your meetings, give a chance and you might be surprised how effective things can get.


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