SugarSync – Access Your Data


SugarSync is a file sync and online backup tool that allows users to access their files across all their devices via a unified storage system.

SugarSync supports Macs, PCs, iPhone, iPads, Android, Blackberries as well as other mobile devices. Users can login into their account, sync content from multiple devices as well as access or update documents on the go.

The site currently offers 4 pricing plans varying from 30 GB up to 250 GB of storage, with fees from $5 USD/month up to $25 USD/month. There are group plans available for business customers. Users can also sign up for a free plan that offers 5 GB of free storage.

Compete shows the site’s traffic at around 100’000 unique monthly visitors. At the end of December 2008, the company raised in total $26.5 million USD from venture capitalists; both founders left the company one month earlier (in November 2008). SugarSync is currently headed by acting CEO Laura Yecies.


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