Bu.mp – Mobile Sync

Bump: Mobile SyncBu.mp is a new mobile app that uses web technologies and location services in order to facilitate a revolutionary new way of sharing contact details, common contacts and photos between two nearby mobile devices that “bump” into each other.

The mobile app can be installed on iPhone and Android phones. It uses the phone’s sensors to literally “feel” the bump, and it sends that info via the web to the Bu.mp servers. A matching algorithm listens to bumps from phones around the world and pairs up the phones that felt the same bump. In order to limit accidental bump matches, the app requires location services to be activated on both phones, to limit the matching possibilities.

The app website only has 4 letters, separated by a dot in the middle, bu.mp, which certainly helps in making it easy to remember for everyone. According to the Compete stats, the site had 5’000 monthly unique visitors on average in the last few months.

The company, Bump Technologies, was funded in 2008 by Jake Mint, David Lieb and Andy Huibers. It is based in Mountain View, California and funded by Y Combinator, Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz and other angel investors.

FamilyLeaf – Private Family Social Network

FamilyLeaf - Private Family Social NetworkFamilyLeaf is an attempt to provide a private social network to members of the same family or to communities of close friends and acquaintances, small in number.

There have been in the past attempts to create similar sites, such as MyFamily.com, Famento.com or FamilyCrossings.com, but FamilyLeaf makes things very easy to get started and it’s completely free to use, at least for now. The webapp currently displays an invite signup screen, as it wants to prevent growing too fast too soon, but it’s expected to be able to obtain an account relatively fast.

FamilyLeaf was founded by Wesley Zhao and Ajay Mehta, two childhood friends. Compared to other early-stage startups, they took the effort to make the site as friendly as possible to foreign traffic. There are already localized versions in Italian, French or Spanish.

The site is backed by Y! Combinator and has been featured in the media in extensive reviews, such as this one (which appeared in TechCrunch). During their initial launch month, FamilyLeaf had 2’000 unique monthly visitors.

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