Udemy – E-learning Platform

Udemy: Online e-learning platformUdemy.com is an online e-learning platform, launched in 2010, where teachers and students can meet and participate in online classes available for free or for a specific fee on their website.

Unlike competitors such as the recently-launched Coursera, Udemy doesn’t restrict the classes to university-taught courses: anyone is free to sign up as a teacher and create its own content. In order to make money, Udemy charges a commission when someone purchases a membership to a paid class.

Udemy’s traffic has been growing steadily and they are approaching the moment where they’ll have on average 100’000 monthly unique visitors.

Udemy was founded in February 2010 by Eren Bali and Gagan Biyani. It launched to the public in May 2010 and received 1 million dollars in seed funding and 3 million dollars in Series A funding, from partners such as 500 Startups, MHS Capital and Lightbank.


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