– Invocing, Simplified

Invoice Machine

The is an online service which simplifies your invoicing and makes it beautiful.

The service takes a new clever approach to online invoicing. Its beautiful and simple-to-use interface makes producing professional looking invoices a very pleasant experience.

The site has a freemium model for up to 3 invoices per month; it charges money starting with the 4th montly invoice, up to a maximum of 48 USD per month for unlimited invoices.

The interface is beautiful, simple and elegant, and Compete shows the site enjoys around 5’000 unique visitors each month. Based in Sweden, the product team is lucky to have found the right combination – the right set of features in a nicely-packed beautiful interface.


Discover hidden pictures based on digit clues for each row / column.

Play Futoshiki
An online game where the board must be filled by digits respecting inequalities.

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