Time Off Manager – Track Vacations on the Web

Time Off Manager

TimeOffManager.com allows companies to keep track of vacations for all the employees using a web-based management system.

Traditionally, leave of absence is being tracked via email, with the obvious disadvantage of no centralized up-to-date situation for each employee with the number of vacation days used until now and the number of vacation days remaining. If we add to the feature list the desire to track the left-overs from previous years, the situation complicates pretty fast.

TimeOffManager comes to the resque. It offers a 15-day free trial to test the product and its interface, and then it charges 25 CAD for up to 15 users (then tends to reach 0.75 per user per month as the number of users increases).

The team is from Canada and the domain has been registered since 2007, but Compete doesn’t have enough traffic info to show a traffic profile for the site. The signup form on the site requires 11 fields just to get a trial allowing you to check-out the app interface, which is a little too much for the short attention span of the 2011 web surfers. Ideally I’d like to see an integration with Google or other 3rd party login providers to be able to sign up and play with the app almost instantenously. I hope the project evolves in this direction or finds another way to get the desired traction.


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