Mavenlink – Online Collaboration Tools


Mavenlink provides browser-based team collaboration tools that enable anyone to deliver client services using a centralized dashboard panel. It  offers time and invoice tracking, collaborative file sharing and email integration.

The company offers several pricing plans; the free plan allows up to 3 active projects, while paid plans charge $39/month for individuals or $79/month for small teams.

Mavenlink is integrated with PayPal, in the sense that payment or invoices can be made or received using PayPal. The site offers full integration with the Google Apps platform. In May 2011, the Google Apps Marketplace selected Mavenlink as their first recommended staff pick in the entire Marketplace. The site gets around 10’000 unique visitors each month.

The service was founded in 2008 by Ray Grainger, Sean Crafts, and Roger Neel. Ray currently acts as Chief Executive Officer. The company currently operates in Irvine and San Francisco.


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