Single – Find the value of any website

Web Worther is a web-based service that tells you how much is a website worth.

The value specified by the site is based on several factors, including estimated traffic, existing links towards the site, estimated advertising revenue that could be gained from the site and performance metrics extracted from the most popular search engines such as PageRank.

The service is free of charge. The value displayed is approximative and has intrinsecly a high variance but it is good as a ball-park approximation metric.

WebWorther displays the most recent 30 entries evaluated on the site as well as the most 30 valuable domains that it found over the service’s lifetime. In the later category we can see entries such as (worth 54 billion dollars) or several yahoo domains with different ending extensions…


Discover hidden pictures based on digit clues for each row / column.

Play Futoshiki
An online game where the board must be filled by digits respecting inequalities.

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