Empires and Allies – New Zynga Game

Empires and Allies is the newest Zynga game. Launched on 31st of May 2011 (17 days ago), the game has over 10 million users.

The game combines CityVille, the previous Zynga top social game built upon the Facebook platform, with a turn-based strategy combat simulator featuring campaigns and locked missions which can be unlocked as the player progresses throughout the game.

To advance quickly to the next levels, the so called “empire coins” are required. These are given at the beginning of the game in a small quantity, but as the game evolves, players need real cash (USD) to procure them in order to advance their cities.

Zynga is a company renowned for its metrics – they measure everything that has to do with user engagement and satisfaction, and they social engineer their games to maximize the number of friends from your Facebook account that you bring into the game. This tactic is easily understandable, economically speaking; in this game, it can cause some interesting allied fights with the enemy, so the game is at least worth a try for those that never played a Zynga game before (and it’s a must try-on for CityVille or FarmVille fans).


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